How to make the most of this cyberpunk shooter.

The Ascent: 7 tips to get you started

Though cover works well for stationary objects—like when you're being attacked by turrets—dodging is a far more viable tactic in most scenarios, as enemies often try to surround you. 

1. Know when to abandon cover

Fighting thugs and ferals can be tricky, but trying out different weapon combinations can help. Mostly, it's just a matter of adjusting to the learning curve and getting used to boss' abilities. 

2. Prepare to die (a lot)

Check every corner for crates filled with Ucreds, health, or stamina top-ups. You can also find weapon skins or upgrade currency inside closed lockers or tucked away on shelves inside stores. 

3. Explore areas fully

In the heat of battle, you won't always notice when you pick up something new. Once the fighting dies down, hit the character menu and look out for "!" on the loadout and armor sections. 

4. Check your equipment often

The first Augmentation you get is Hydraulic Slam. You should equip it right away as the AoE damage can get you out of many a tricky situation. 

5. Make use of your Augmentations

When in the populated safe zones, it's worth talking to NPCs to see if they have any side missions for you to take on. These can be useful to help you level up if you're finding a boss or area tricky. 

6. Pick up sidequests

Bounties are tougher foes you'll come across as you explore. They generally have a red skull marker above their head, and once you kill them, you can sell the bounty to a bartender for Ucreds. 

7. Sell bounties and weapon duplicates for cash

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