Bamboozle your brain with the best free puzzlers on PC.

The best free puzzle games

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A puzzler where you play as a wizard who can transform into different objects. Examples? You might turn into a key to open a lock, or transform into a boat to sail the open sea.

Mirror Isles

A brilliant top-down, Sokoban-style puzzler where you have to hop between islands by using magic mirrors to swap places with your reflection.

Cube Escape

There’s a strange atmosphere to this series of locked room puzzle games. Getting out of each one will test your brain, but you’ll be even more taxed trying to figure out what’s going on in their bizarre universe.


What starts as a relatively simple block-pushing game ends as one where you’ll reshape the world by using magic to reprogram the state of the environment.

The Republia Times

You're the editor of a newspaper in a totalitarian state in this game from the creator of Return of the Obra Dinn. A smart and cynical puzzler.

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