Kit yourself out with the best tools for success on Halo Infinite's battlegrounds.

The best Halo Infinite weapons

BR75 "Battle Rifle"

The Battle Rifle is still the king of Halo thanks to its 3-burst kills and accuracy at all ranges. Most maps have at least one lying around, and you'll want to lock it down ASAP.


M41 SPNKR "Rocket Launcher"

The ultimate choice for when you just want to erase someone from the match entirely. The one downside? Having to listen to your personal AI call it a "Spanker".


MA40 Assault Rifle

Yes, the Assault Rifle is actually good this time out. The AR is one of your best options for close-range engagements, and it can punish effectively enough at medium distances.


Energy Sword

Incredible in Arena, practically useless in Big Team Battle, the iconic Energy Sword benefits massively from the lack of a classic shotgun to counter its lunges. 



A better shotgun than the actual shotgun, the heatwave's gimmick is the ability to toggle between horizontal and vertical spread patterns. Use its richocheting shots to catch out baddies behind corners.



Unweildy in Arena, essential in Big Team Battle, the Skewer is a slow-firing beast that shines as an anti-vehicle weapon. It will demolish a Ghost or Mongoose with a single shot. 


Plasma Pistol

The lowly alien blaster's charged shots are still the fastest way to disable enemy shields—just make sure you have a BR75 or Assault Rifle on hand to follow up for the kill.



Maybe one of the best Needlers in Halo history. Infinite's shard-spitter fires fast, tracks well, and still bursts foes after a dozen or so hits. 


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