They can't all be KOTOR.

The worst Star Wars games on PC

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Shadows of the Empire

Shadows tries its hand at everything—third/first-person shooting, bike sections, aerial combat, space combat, turret sections—and it's not very good at any of them.

Release:‌ 1997
Developer: LucasArts

Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

A slow and clunky action game, with a rote and unexciting translation of the Force. Oh, and the Liam Neeson impersonator sounds like a drunk dad doing impressions at dinner. 

Release:‌ 1999
Developer: Big Ape Productions

Force Commander

Releasing a 3D Star Wars RTS in 2000 was bold, but sadly Force Commander is bogged down by boxy models, an unruly camera, and a cheap-feeling UI. 

Release:‌ 2000
Devs: LucasArts/Ronin Entertainment

The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes

Republic Heroes is like a Lego game without the Lego, a light platforming game with co-op play. Why bother when there are far better legit Lego Star Wars games available on Steam?

Release:‌ 2009
Developer: Krome Studios

The Force Unleashed II

With a campaign that's far too short and blighted by recycled environments, this feels like a straight-to-DVD sequel. It also commits the storytelling crime of having you play as a clone of yourself from the first game. 

Release:‌ 2010
Developer: LucasArts

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