Shooters to give another shot. 

The most underrated FPS games of the last 5 years

Lovely Planet Arcade | 2016 

A saucepan reduction of old horizontal-axis shooters like Doom. Lovely Planet Arcade almost feels like playing the drums. But the drum is the shotgun and the song is adorable, cartoon death. 

House of the Dying Sun | 2016 

A spaceship shooter that controls more like an FPS than a sim. Think of it as a first-person Homeworld, where you're the one in the cockpit for every Kamikaze run. Bleak? Yeah, that's the draw.

LawBreakers | 2017 

Though it was shut down completely in 2018, this nimble and graceful arena shooter deserved to find a bigger audience. We blame PUBG. 

Rage 2 | 2019

Despite its repetitive nature and awful story, Rage 2 is a great popcorn shooter. Stupid, pure, expressive FPS joy. 

Anger Foot | 2020 (in-development)

A tubthumping speedrun of kicking doors that fly off their handles to brutalize alligators with baseball bats. And yes, that's exactly as fun as it sounds. 

Receiver 2 | 2020

The hook of this fascinating shooter is that every function of its handguns are simulated in-game. Everything from charging the hammer to turning off the safety has its own command. 

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