The biggest PC gaming mysteries we can't wait to solve

The most exciting upcoming PC games we know the least about

Everything we know about FromSoftware's latest game, we learned in the first week of its announcment two years ago. We imagine the final game will play like Dark Souls, but the specifics of the setting are still shrouded in mystery. 

Elden Ring

When we expect it: Spring 2022

The debut trailer for this alt-reality Soviet-era FPS came out of nowhere in 2018. Aside from a siloed demo, there's been very little since. A beta was due in 2019 but never materialized, so who knows when Atomic Heart will resurface. 

Atomic Heart

When we expect it: Hmmm... within the next five years?

Originally slated for release in 2020, this has been kicked down Delay Street for a while. We expect a tactical shooter built on the bones of Rainbow Six Siege, but just how much it will tie into the cult shooter remains to be seen. 

Rainbow Six Quarantine

When we expect it: Summer or fall

An original Bethesda RPG that treats spaceflight as a dangerous new technology. Expect it to hit more like Kerbal than Star Trek. A lot of questions remain, mainly around the game's scale. Just how big will Starfield be?


When we expect it: Optimistically? Fall 2022

Will this be a classically janky FPS or will there be more shine on the chassis for Stalker this time? We know we're headed back to The Zone—Chernobyl's nightmarish radioactive realm. We also know it's a true open world. 

Stalker 2

When we expect it: 2022... at the earliest

Obsidian's stab at a first-person fantasy RPG, set in the same universe as Pillars of Eternity. Magic and murder are on the menu, but on what sort of scale? Should we expect a smaller project on the level of The Outer Worlds? 


When we expect it: No clue

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