Mixing it up with space marines, orks, tech-priests and tyranids as we rank the finest 40K games 

The best Warhammer 40,000 games ranked

Where the original is about masses of tanks, this sequel gives you just four badasses, some squadmates, and a few special abilities. Battles where you're on the defensive are thrillingly tense. 

6. Dawn of War 2

Year: 2009

"Epic" is right. This excellent strategy game gets the scale of conflict in the 41st millennium spot on. Every turn during battles is a cautious advance, while the early '90s FMVs are gloriously cheesy.

5. Final Liberation: Epic 40,000

Year: 1997

The best of the Space Hulk games. This adapation of the board game understands what makes it fun—the asymmetry of five clunky walking tanks pitted against limitless melee monsters. 

4. Space Hulk Tactics

Year: 2018

During the dark heyday of the cover shooter, this was a brutal revelation. Why cower behind cover when you can charge in and chainsword your foes to bits? A game that perfectly captures the power fantasy of being a space marine. 

3. Space Marine

Year: 2011

What Space Marine did for the third-person shooter, Mechanicus does for turn-based squad tactics. Serving up brutal strategy skirmishes, it wisely makes the enjoyably odd AdMechs the stars of the show.

2. Mechanicus

Year: 2018

The RTS accelerated. This bombastic strategy game makes you kill for every resource throughout its brilliantly bloodlusty campagin. It's 40K in its final form—eating worlds and firing missiles from a tank shaped like a church organ.

1. Dawn of War

Year: 2004

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