Chaos never sleeps, and neither do we, as we rank some classic Warhammer games

The best Warhammer Fantasy games ranked

Halfway between the simplicity of HeroQuest and the complexity of Gloomhaven lies Warhammer Quest. This is a classy dungeon crawler that gives you just the right amount of downtime between dungeons. 

6. Warhammer Quest 

Year: 2015
Studio: Rodeo Games/Chilled Mouse

Blood Bowl 2 takes the board game about skeletons failing to pick up footballs and wraps it up in a slick PC package. Addictive multiplayer and an endless league mode can devour entire evenings. 

5. Blood Bowl 2

Year: 2015
Studio: Cynaide Studios

If you like the battles from Total War but don't want all that strategy stuff getting in the way of your fun, this is the Warhammer game for you. This breezy RTS has aged well, though it doesn't always play nice with modern hardware.

4. Dark Omen

Year: 1998
Studio: Mindscape

A brilliantly streamlined RTS that ditches some of the series' more indulgent elements, like lineages. With factions that feel truly distinct, you'll want to play its riveting campaign more than once. 

3. Total War: Warhammer

Year: 2016
Studio: Creative Assembly

To find any other game with first-person combat this good you either have to sink into the fiddly competitive world of Mordhau and Chivalry 2, or travel back in time to Dark Messiah. Its crunching fights make this an all-time great sequel.

2. Vermintide 2

Year: 2018
Studio: Fatshark

Not just the best Warhammer game, but arguably the best Total War game too. Delivering more armies, more landmass, and more campaigns than its predessor, this is an RTS of towering quality. 

1. Total War: Warhammer 2

Year: 2017
Studio: Creative Assembly

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