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The weirdest weapons in PC gaming

Coming at you from that three-year period in the early 2010s where dubstep was a thing, Saints Row 4's Dubstep Gun is a weaponised sub-woofer that launches powerful wub-based shockwaves.

Dubstep Gun

Game: Saints Row 4

The Sheep is the archetype of Worms' weaponised weirdness. Released by the player onto the ground, this woolly critter will hop around aimlessly until it violently explodes.


Game: Worms

An enormous, ACME-style spring that catapults rival racers across the game's open-ended racetracks. It's a wonderfully silly weapon, complete with a comedy 'boing!' sound effect.

Opponent Repulsificator

Game: Carmageddon 2

The Needler isn't just weird, it's deceptively weird. Although it looks rubbish, the 'holy shit!' moment when you unleash a burst of needles to tee up a colossal pink explosion is tough to top.


Game: Halo: Combat Evolved

A gem of a weapon that shines through the game's otherwise antiquated shooting, it launches a hulking Great White from its inexplicably small barrel. Said shark then drags nearby foes into the rocky depths. 

Land Shark Gun

Game: Armed and Dangerous

Rather than loading the crossbow with bolts, the Stranger fires animals at his foes. These beasties include Zappflies, landmine-like Fuzzles, and Smelly Stunks that cause enemies to puke. 


Game: Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath

These beetle-like creatures home in on the nearest enemy, leaping into the air like an oversized flea to bite at their face. After about twenty seconds, they then explode. Lovely. 


Game: Half-Life

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