Listen up, these are the best and worst wallpapers in Windows history. 

The best Windows wallpapers, ranked

9. img0 – Windows Vista

We find the lack of a vista as a default background for Windows Vista to be greatly disturbing. 

8. img0 – Windows 8

We don't have anything against pretty flowers, we just don't understand why these particular flowers are the default background for Windows 8. 

7. Teal – Windows 95/98

Some may say this wallpaper was offensively singular, but we'd just call it teal. 

6. img0 – Windows 10 (earlier version)

A bit more brooding and darker than Windows 10's default wallpaper today. This version was struck down to make way for a more vibrant option. 

5. img6 – Windows 8

We'll admit this lacks that certain je ne sais quoi—this is more 'regular desert' than 'red moon desert'—but it's still the best of the bunch for Windows 8.

4. Pringles – Windows 11

There's a certain allure to Pringles that we can't shake. A forbidden snack, the crystal Pringle. Anyone else feeling hungry right now? 

3. Autumn – Windows XP

Windows XP undoubtedly offered the best default wallpapers. This wallpaper elicits thoughts to cozy jumpers, a roaring fire, and frolicking in leaves. 

2. Bliss – Windows XP

The most striking example of right down the middle, no-risk corporate imagery. If there's a Windows wallpaper that defines Windows wallpapers, this is it. 

1. Red Moon Desert – Windows XP

This wallpaper isn't photographer Charles O'Rear's best known work, but this gorgeous shot of a South African desert is perhaps his best. 

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