The pathetic pea shooters that deserve to live in infamy. 

The crappiest starting guns in FPS history

A trash gun that makes every other weapon in New Dawn look good. This ancient handgun can only hold eight rounds in its mag, and the reload time is embarrassing. It's meant to be discarded as soon as you find literally anything else.

Rusty 1911

Game: Far Cry New Dawn

An absolute abomination. While we get a kick out of the Wolfenstein 3D engine being used to make a Bible game, Noah's slingshot might well be the dinkiest weapon of all time. Its projectiles aren't even animated. 


Game: Super 3D Noah's Ark

In the opening moments of Doom, you follow up crushing a demon's skull with your bare hands by blowing kisses at them with a peashooter. The parodic 'pew-pew' and stapler gun recoil further drag this crappy weapon down.   


Game: Doom (2016)

It makes a tiv-tiv noise like a child imitating a laser gun. It shoots glowing projectiles that make you feel like you're firing a flare gun. It's always slightly off the crosshair, down and to the right. Quake 2's blaster sucks. We hate it. 


Game: Quake 2

A rusty hunk of tubing that sounds like it's going to fall apart every time you shoot it. The Pipe Gun is a piece of crap that you should ditch ASAP. But hey, at least it serves as an introduction to Fallout 4's weapon modding. 

Pipe Gun

Game: Fallout 4

A pistol so good, it makes the rest of Halo's arsenal utterly obsolete. It's almost pesky just how effective this sidearm is. Great in pretty much every situation, this overpowered brute ruins Master Chief's other weapons.

Pistol (it's too good)

Game: Halo: Combat Evolved

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