Brace yourself, gamers, these are the biggest stinkers on PC

The worst PC games
of all time

Prepare for anger and anguish as we recap eight of the most atrocious PC games ever made...

A ghastly beat 'em up that somehow manages to make killer robots dull... probably because a sixth of its tiny roster is made up of fighting forklift trucks. No, really.

Rise of the Robots

John Romero's FPS is legendary for all the wrong reasons. Overhyped, serially delayed and plagued with bugsā€”it's one of PC gaming's most cautionary tales.


A painfully unfunny platformer with hideous character models that will forever haunt your soul. The minigames are atrocious while its lewd gags are just shameful.

Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

This crummy shooter takes a colossal dump over Alien canon. Watch in dismay as H.R. Giger's movie icon is turned into brain-dead FPS fodder.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

An awful truck racer best known for its meme-worthy "YOU'RE WINNER!" victory screen. The ludicrous physics and rampant bugs are about as good as the grammar.

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

A terrible, barely functional shooter with a seriously malfunctioning sense of humor. Projectile vomiting and flaming grandmas? Ooh, my sides.

Bad Day L.A.

The poster boy for development hell. Dumb AI, terrible level design and hideously outdated gags unite to create a mythically bad shooter.

Duke Nukem Forever

Okay, real talk, we kinda like the campy cowboy FMV. Still, this shooter kills any goodwill by being barely interactive. The sheer commitment to awful acting makes it worth watching on YouTube, though.

Mad Dog McCree

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